Simple Strategies

Simple Strategies for Visits to Your Doctor/Care Provider

There are simple steps you can take to make your time spent with a doctor/care provider more comfortable and set the tone for easier and better communication.

  • Help set a friendly tone for the visit.  This will help ensure better communication. When the doctor/care provider enters the room, say hello and ask how they are doing
  • If the doctor/care provider seems busy or distracted, ask them to slow down.  If you feel uncomfortable asking, you can say something like “You seem very busy today.”  Or you can set an example by slowing down your pace
  • Be honest.  Health professionals are not there to judge you, and usually have “seen or heard it all.”  The information you may be holding back could be vital to your diagnoses and treatment
  • If printed instructions are given to you, take a look at them before you leave the office to make sure that you understand them
  • Before you leave, ask your doctor/care provider the best way to stay in touch for general questions (by phone, fax, or email).  For more serious questions or concerns, always call the doctor’s/care provider’s office