Basic Tips

Basic Tips: Keep in Mind…

These basic health care tips have been created to help you become smarter about your health and health care.  In today’s world, information isn’t just power – it is health!

Keep in mind…  Doctors/care providers are:

  • Providing a service
  • Doing what they can to keep you healthy as safely as possible
  • Hoping you will share much-needed information such as your symptoms and family health history.  This information helps them find out what is wrong with you and know how to treat you

Keep in mind… You have a right to:

  • Ask questions
  • Get answers that you can understand
  • Educate yourself about your health and health care
  • Make decisions about your health and health care
  • Be a member – and a leader – of your health care team
  • Get a second opinion – or a third, fourth and so on until you believe you have gotten a correct diagnoses or have found the right treatment option(s)

Keep in mind… You can and should:

  • Follow your gut.  If at any point you feel something isn’t right, it probably isn’t
  • Voice your concerns.  Let your health care team know when something does not feel right or seem right to you
  • Be heard.  If your health care team is not listening to your concerns, find health care providers that will
  • Be persistent.  Find the care you need or want until you get it, especially if a problem is not being resolved