Support Say Ah!

Say Ah! has thrived thanks to gifts from individuals, government and foundation grants, and from corporate sponsorships. The generosity of our supporters allows us to provide our programs, resources, and materials to those who need them most.

Say Ah! is committed to helping you make a contribution that is meaningful to our cause and your customers, employees, and community.

When you support Say Ah! good things happen to others and to you!  We are dedicated to ensuring a superb match between our programs and our sponsors. We look for partners who want to get involved with and champion our mission, while underscoring your unique brand, business strengths and cause-related mandates.

Your partnership with Say Ah! will have meaningful outcomes, contributing to improving the lives of vulnerable populations, improving the health of your co-workers, community, and friends; reducing the emotional and financial toll of poor health literacy; and bringing more customers to your business. The halo effect of good deeds is real: research shows that nearly eight out of 10 people will opt for a brand partnered with a cause they support. 1

Here are a few ways to get involved:

  • Market a product using Say Ah!’s logo, supporting health literacy and patient-consumer empowerment as part of your brand
  • Add your logo to our health literacy materials and help us disseminate them online, at point of sale in stores, or other venues
  • Sponsor Say Ah! training webinars, podcasts or workshops for health care and/or community service providers and advocates, or for patients and caregivers
  • Submit your own creative proposal
  • Discuss ideas, explore opportunities or just talk to us to see if we can make something happen

Please contact us at to discuss options, spitball ideas, or pitch an idea you have.  We look forward to hearing from you!

1 Cone/Duke University Behavioral Cause Study, 2008 at