Worksite Wellness

Maximize employee health and minimize costs and health-related absenteeism by improving the ability of your workforce to navigate and use the health care system safely and effectively. Say Ah!’s engaging workshops help your employees gain the skills needed to manage their health (or the health of a family member) in today’s complex health care system.

Say Ah!’s employee workshops address global issues facing the modern employee-patient [OR: explore key issues impacting health and health care today] — such as adhering to complicated medication regimens or making difficult treatment decisions — and provide skills and information to manage these challenges. Because we take a broad approach to the subject — while offering detailed solutions — our employee workshops seamlessly compliment and enhance other Health & Wellness subjects such as nutrition and exercise.

Say Ah!’s workshops are usually 1-hour Lunch-and-Learn Sessions, or given as a Series and tailored to accommodate work site schedules.

Topics include:

  • Self-Advocacy
  • Medications
  • Coordinating Care
  • E-Health (Online Research)
  • Creating A Health History
  • Understanding Risks & Benefits
  • Improving Health Information Retention
  • Proactive Follow-Ups

And more.

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