Programs for Patients, Caregivers, and Communities

“Say Ah!’s workshops are essential for the many who are struggling to keep up with the challenges of today’s health care system.” – Susan Conry, LMSW

Say Ah!’s engaging and interactive workshops are designed to help people gain the skills needed to manage their health in today’s overwhelmingly complex health care system.  Our programs are geared for a variety of settings including libraries, schools, senior and community centers, and religious organizations.

Say Ah!’s health literacy and patient empowerment workshops can be tailored to the needs of both general or specific audiences such as seniors, caregivers, new parents, and college students.


  • Patient 101™: Provides patients and caregivers with the skills they need to help them get better, safer, and more effective health care.  Patient 101™ focuses on everything from preparing for a doctor’s visit (such as how to create a health history and medication list, reviewing goals, etc.) to what questions to ask regarding treatment options, to how to advocate for yourself to help ensure you get better and safer health care, and more.
  • Medications:  This workshop focuses on one of the most complicated and significant areas of health care today.  Sessions include Medication Management: From FDA approval to disposal; Everything you wanted to know about medications but were afraid to ask; and Making a list and checking it twice.  
  • E-Health:  More and more people rely on the internet to get health and health care information. This workshop covers everything from how to do an online search to what sites give the best, most dependable and up-to-date information online.
  • Health as a Memoir:   Everybody has a health history; every body has a “story.” Participants learn how to create and use a personal health history as a tool to both get better care, and as a guide to understand how to cut through the copious amounts of health information and focus on what you – and your doctor – need to know and keep track of.  A fascinating and effective way to understand your and your family’s health.

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