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Improving health in today’s complex health care system means improving health literacy — for patients, clients, professionals, workplaces and communities. Say Ah! gives you the information and tools you need to engage patients and clients in their health literacy, and help enhance their ability to get better care, and use the health care system safely and effectively. Our unique curricula and materials are evaluated by our users and refined to ensure they are culturally sensitive and audience appropriate. See below for a list of trainings and other services Say Ah! provides, and contact us at to find out how else we can help you.

Patient 101™ Series
Employee Wellness
Community Organizations and Service Providers Trainings
Physicians/Care Providers Workshops
Health Industry Professionals Trainings
Presentations for Conferences and Meetings
Site & Materials Assessments

Patient 101™: Say Ah!’s acclaimed health literacy curricula has been used and evaluated by and tailored for general and specific audiences such as seniors, learners of ESOL, and blind/low vision adults. The workshops help participants gain the basic skills needed to manage their health and engage in their care. An example of topics covered are: Talking with Your Doctor, Creating and Using a Personal Health Record, and Finding Reliable Health Information Online. Say Ah! tailors its Patient 101 workshops for specific groups, such as seniors, Boomers, those managing a chronic illness, adolescents, etc.

Say Ah!’s workshops for Seniors are essential for the many who are struggling to keep up with the challenges of today’s health care system. This is important work! – Susan Conry, LMSW

Employee Wellness: Maximize employee health and minimize costs and health-related absenteeism by improving the ability of your workforce to navigate and use the health care system safely and effectively.

“Say Ah! taught me to ask questions and how to get organized before going to a doctor’s visit. These skills made a huge difference, especially when I was discussing my diagnosis and treatment options with my doctor.” – Linda, Multiple Sclerosis patient, Age 50

Community Organizations and Service Providers Trainings: These trainings are designed for agency leaders and their staff of health educators, outreach and social workers, case managers, patient/consumer advocates, and patient navigators working within their communities. Say Ah!’s trainings provide clear and practical health literacy tips and skills that you can integrate into your work in order to help improve health outcomes in the community.

Physicians/Care Providers Workshops: These innovative workshops help health care professionals understand the impact of low health literacy on health outcomes and learn tips and strategies to help your patients adhere to self care and medication regimens. Say Ah! also can help you improve the overall health literacy of your office by providing trainings for support staff, and a site assessment re: the ease of use and accessibility of your signage, patient forms, et al.

Health Industry Professionals Trainings: Effective programming to help professionals in managed care, general health insurance, medical device, pharmaceutical and other health-related industries adhere to health literacy mandates and action-plans.

Presentations for Conferences and Meetings: The more we share information about health literacy, the sooner we can improve the nation’s health and health care. For associations, societies, unions and other groups interested in the issue, Say Ah! can help your organization understand the impact health literacy has on our nation’s health, policy and economy and what steps we can take to get safer, more effective health care.

Site & Materials Assessments: An opportunity for Say Ah! to assess how patient-consumer and caregiver friendly your health care facility is, and the information you are giving your patients/clients. Learn new ways to use the space, signage, et al, to maximize the patient-consumer and caregiver experience and usability.