Say Ah! Health Card

Get More From Your Doctor’s Visit
This deceptively simple wallet card was created to empower patients and caregivers to get better, safer and more effective health care.It is easy-to-read and easy-to-use for the widest spectrum of people. The clear and simple language and Universal Design makes it accessible to those with low literacy, reading and learning challenges, limited English-language proficiency, and vision impairments.

The card was inspired by the many patients and caregivers who have shared their stories
and experiences about how vulnerable they are in the face of our overwhelming — and
overwhelmingly complex — health care system.

Order Say Ah!’s printed cards  here! Or to download them in four languages, click here:
“Say Ah!’s Health Information Card is a genuine innovation, a discreet and portable reminder of what doctors and patients both need: a true partnership, and a level playing field.”  -David H. Newman, MD, Author, Hippocrates’ Shadow, Director of Clinical Research Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine Mount Sinai School of Medicine