Following Up

Health care doesn’t end when the appointment does. In today’s system, we take our own medications, clean our own wounds, see more than one kind of doctor (called specialists), and more. Following up is a critical step in getting good care.  Here are tips to help make follow-up easier:

Top Tip: Be sure to end each health care visit by finding out what is the best way to reach your doctor.

Don’t ever hesitate to call your doctor, especially if you:

  • don’t understand what to do or how to follow your care instructions (such as how to take a medication or how to clean a wound)
  • start to feel worse (you have more pain, you feel weaker or more tired)
  • have a problem with your medicine (it upsets your stomach, it gives you a headache, it gives you a rash, and so on)
  • haven’t gotten your results back from a test.  Don’t wait for your doctor/care provider to call you

*In an emergency call 911