Vision & Values

Say Ah! is more than just a health literacy nonprofit, we are a health literacy movement.

We are changing the way people think about their health and health care, and the way the health care system interacts with the people who need it. We do this so we can live in a country where everyone can lead longer and better lives because they have the ability to make the best possible choices about their health. We do this so all Americans can have the health literacy skills they need to be engaged, empowered and educated partners in their own care. And we do this so our health care system, fragmented, complex and confusing as it is now, will one day meet the needs of its patients and consumers at their level of ability and understanding.

We are building this future through innovation, empathy, understanding, rallying and evidence-based research.

  • Say Ah! creates innovative curricula, resources and materials that are low literacy and accessibly written and designed.
  • We foster understanding of health literacy, its nuances and best practices, through research, awareness raising, and advocacy.
  • We respect and are empathic to the emotional aspects that impact health and health outcomes, and prioritize human connection and communication as an essential part of the healing process.
  • We rally industry stakeholders and policymakers to mandate and fund health literacy best practices and awareness as part of all public health initiatives.
  • We ensure our work is informed by evidence-based research across a broad range of health literacy subject matter, and ensure that our own work meets the needs of its audience through systematized evaluations of our curricula, materials and workshops.

Join us in this movement. Contact us at info@say-ah.orgto partner, donate or to learn more about our programs and services.